Historic Time Line

1945 World War II ends
1947 Communists seize power in Poland
Truman Doctrine announced

1948 Berlin Airlift begins

1949 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) established Soviet Union tests first atomic bomb Communists win Chinese Civil War

1950 North Korean War

1953 U.S. sponsors coup in Iran

1955 Warsaw Pact formed
Project Hollow Earth Begins

1959 Fidel Castro installs Communist government

1961 Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba
East Germany builds Berlin Wall

1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

1964 China tests first atomic bomb

1965 U.S. commits combat troops to South Vietnam

1973 U.S. supports coup in Chilea

1975 South Vietnam falls to Communist forces
Project Hollow Earth preparations complete

1976 Soviet and Cuban forces help install Communist government in Angola.

1979 U.S. and China establish diplomatic relations
Soviet Red Army invades Afghanistan

1989 Berlin Wall is demolished

Historic Time Line

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